Benny Arts


My name is Benny and I'm an Antwerp based Graphic Designer and Illustrator.
I graduated in 2012 as a Master of Visual Arts at the St. Lucas University College of Art & Design in Antwerp. Since then I've been doing freelance work for different clients on a regular basis.
I handle an illustrative style and use a simple yet fresh visual language throughout it. I'm passionate about silkscreen printing and more specifically printing on textiles.
Since 2014 I'm part of Holy Mothership, which is a multidisciplinary design collective.
Besides Graphic Design I like to spend my time breathing fresh air, watching series with at least a 8.4 rating on IMDB, repairing bicycles, losing myself in soccer games and contemplating the fact that my work still isn't blowing everybody's mind yet.
Keith Haring & Michael Jordan are my heroes.

Publications & Exhibitions

Graphic Design Festival Breda — Breda, Netherlands — 2014
N.Y.D.P. — Antwerp, Belgium — 2014
Finally Published — Antwerp, Belgium — 2013
Master Exhibition — Antwerp, Belgium — 2013

Design Bucket List
in no particular order

Fabric Pattern
Movie Title/Credits
Beer Bottle
Identity for a Basketball Team
Skateboard Deck

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